Welcome to Broken Arrow German Shepherd Rescue Ranch. We are a Veteran run non-profit dedicated to helping our military and first responder members locate and obtain a medical service K9 or companion K9. To qualify as a military member, you must be active duty / National Guard / Reserves, retired, or separated with an honorable discharge or under honorable conditions from your respected branch of service. First responders must be active, retired, separated, paid, or volunteer. You must have worked within law enforcement, fire service, EMS, or 911 telecommunicator. We will also evaluate a need for any immediate family member with priority going to the military affiliated member first.

We were founded on 10 May 2017 in Christoval, Texas by Laura Harper. Laura has never served in the military but has a love for helping those that put that uniform on and make that sacrifice to serve and protect. Laura also has a love for the German Shepherd breed and felt she couldn’t have found a better way to help those who served and our K9s than creating a non-profit that can place these gentle giants as service K9’s or companion K9’s with our warriors. Since founding, Laura has run the organization by obtaining funding, locating K9’s, coordinating the training and transportation of the K9’s, and even maintaining a few K9’s that were in immediate danger by taking them in and helping recover from medical or abandonment to mold them into a wingman, battle buddy, or just best friend for our recipients. Laura has managed to do all this since day one primarily by her and her family. She has had dear friends and others that have also stepped up to help periodically but the main part of the daily operations fell upon her shoulders.

On January 1, 2023, Laura turned the org over to Chris Campbell. Chris is a retired US Air Force SSG with over 30 years in the emergency services arena working as a firefighter, police officer, 911 supervisor, and various levels of EMS. Chris retired from the military in 2012 because of injuries from a rocket attack in 2005 in Iraq. Chris has also had a medical service K9 since February 2019, so he understands the need, benefit, and how they affect our daily living as a single dad during that time.

Currently our org works at locating, securing, training, and transporting the K9 to the Veteran once their service has been vetted and background check is completed to ensure they meet the requirements set forth by the org such as no animal cruelty history, ability to provide continued veterinary care, and daily living needs to their K9. Each recipient will receive an initial K9 first aid / CPR certification while their K9 is prepared for them. Each year the recipient will have the chance to re-certify with the first aid and CPR for their K9 and each K9 will be assessed to determine if any modification training will be needed to meet the needs of the recipient.

Future plans will be controlled by future funding by our gracious and loyal donor’s. We have plans to add to / expand some of our areas that will assist those who may want to be involved with the K9’s but don’t have the ideal situation of having one of their own or just don’t want the overall responsibility of 24/7/365 living with a K9. As we grow and expand, we would like to have Veterans of the military or first responders who would like to assist with visiting locations with therapy dogs that will be maintained by the org. They will be able to do meet and greets with various schools, orgs, visiting military installations, veteran facilities to explain and show the capabilities of a service K9 / therapy K9 / or companion K9. We would like to utilize our Veterans of each career field that would like to become instructors to teach the K9 first aid / CPR course, become service K9 certification specialist. This would also allow those with the proper training who would like to accompany one of our therapy K9’s after natural disasters who can visit with those affected directly by the storm and the first responders we have with boots on the ground working tirelessly to help our communities recover from each event. We look forward to growing and maintaining our working relationship within our immediate community, state of Texas, and nationwide as resources and funding will allow for future operations. Our main and number one focus will be to help our Veterans who need a trained service K9 obtain this tool and set them up for success with their new K9.

We are currently seeking volunteers that can help with fund raising, maintaining our transient K9’s doing basic kennel work, fostering K9’s for short times, helping maintain our technology footprint on social media, serve as speakers for various events to explain our purpose and demonstrate our abilities. Each volunteer will complete a short background check prior to participating or representing the organization.

Donations are always an easy tax write off at the end of the year but throughout the year we experience unexpected cost helping our recipients with emergency medical care so if you would like to provide throughout the year, all donations are greatly appreciated and will be put to the use of placing K9’s with qualified recipients while no funds are spent on overhead such as offices, utilities, or general management type work. Our staff work from home while utilizing their personal technology such as computers and cell phones which helps cut management type cost at zero.